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C. Winsløw, C. Bergsten, D. Butlen, M. David, Pedro Gómez, B. Grevholm, S. Li, P. Moreira, N. Robinson, N. Sayac, J. Schwille, T. Tatto, A. White y T. Wood (2009). First years of teaching. En D. Ball y R. Even. The professional education and development of teachers of mathematics. The 15th ICMI Study (pp. 93-101). Dordrecht: Springer.

A recurring and crucial theme in research on teacher education is the relation between pre-service teacher education and the day-to-day practices of mathematics teahcers in schools. As we hace seen in previous chapters, this relation appears already when pre-service teahcers are engaged in practice periods, which in many cases form part of their teacher education. However, it appears also, adn sometomes more acutely, in the experiencies of teaching in the first years after completing teacher education.

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