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Molina, M. y Mason, J. (2009). Justifications-on-demand as a device to promote shifts of attention associated with relational thinking in elementary arithmetic. Canadian Journal of Science Mathematics and Technology Education, 9(4), 224-242.

Student responses to arithmetical questions that can be solved by using arithmetical structure can serve to reveal the extent and nature of relational, as opposed to computational thinking. Student responses to probes which require them to justify-on-demand are analysed using a conceptual framework which highlights distinctions between different forms of attention. We analyse a number of actions observed in students in terms of forms of attention and shifts between them: in the short-term (the moment), medium-term (over several tasks), and long-term (over a year). The main factors conditioning students’ attention and its movement are identified and some didactical consequences are proposed.

ISSN: 1492-6156


  • Marta Molina

    Marta Molina es licenciada en Matemáticas (2002) y doctora en Educación Matemática por la Universidad de Granada (2007). Actualmente es profesora titular del Departamento de Didáctica de las Matemáticas y las Ciencias Experimentales de la Universidad de Salamanca. Su labor docente se centra en la formación inicial de maestros de Educación Primaria y Educación Infantil y de investigadores en Educación Matemática. Su línea de investigación prioritaria es el pensamiento numérico y algebraico. Es miembro de los grupos de investigación: a) FQM-193: “Didáctica de la Matemática. Pensamiento Numérico” (Universidad de Granada, España), b) “Una empresa docente” (Colciencias, Colombia) y “Matemática educativa” (Universidad de Salamanca,España.

  • John Mason

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