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Oliveras, M., Cardeñoso, J., Molina, M. y Servín, C. (2010). Use of Integrated Projects in a Mathematics Education Course for Prospective Kindergarten Teachers. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Science, 2(6), 165-174.

We describe the work recently done in the adaptation to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) of a mathematics education course of the Kindergarten Education Teaching degree which is offered in the three sections of the University of Granada: Ceuta, Granada and Melilla. Within an innovation project financed by the “Vicerrectorado de Planificación, Calidad y Evaluación Docente” of the University of Granada, we have use micro-projects as a curricular product that articulate theory, practice and professional reflection to redesign the subject “Development of mathematical thinking and its didactic”. Starting from practical activities and working in small groups, students and teachers look to related theory using three focuses of reflection: the child, the mathematics, and kindergarten education. The main objectives of this course are to elicit reflection as a professional attitude and to initiate students in professional problems, all in the context of mathematics education. We also try to promote the development of other key competences highlighted in the project Tuning such as collaborative work, autonomy, decisions making and critical and self-critical capacity.


  • Marta Molina

    Marta Molina es licenciada en Matemáticas (2002) y doctora en Educación Matemática por la Universidad de Granada (2007). Actualmente es profesora titular del Departamento de Didáctica de las Matemáticas y las Ciencias Experimentales de la Universidad de Salamanca. Su labor docente se centra en la formación inicial de maestros de Educación Primaria y Educación Infantil y de investigadores en Educación Matemática. Su línea de investigación prioritaria es el pensamiento numérico y algebraico. Es miembro de los grupos de investigación: a) FQM-193: “Didáctica de la Matemática. Pensamiento Numérico” (Universidad de Granada, España), b) “Una empresa docente” (Colciencias, Colombia) y “Matemática educativa” (Universidad de Salamanca,España.

  • M. Oliveras
  • J. Cardeñoso
  • y C. Servín

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