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Alro, H., Ravn, O. Valero, P. (2010). Critical mathematics education: Past, present and future. Chicago: Sense Publishers.

Critical mathematics education brings together a series of concerns related to mathematics and its role in society, the practices of teaching and learning of mathematics in educational settings, and the practices of researching mathematics education. The work of Ole Skovsmose has provided a seminal contribution to the shaping of those concerns in the international community of mathematics educators and mathematics education researchers. This book gathers contributions of researchers from five continents, for whom critical mathematics education has been an inspiration to think about many different topics such as the dialogical and political dimensions of teacher education, mathematical modeling, the philosophy of mathematics from social and political perspectives, teaching practices in classrooms, the connection between mathematics and society, the scope and limits of critical thinking in relation to mathematics and mathematics education, and the political dimension of researching mathematics education. The book is not only a tribute to Ole Skovsmose’s long academic career; it is also a way of providing an overview of the roots of the critical mathematics education concerns, their current developments in different parts of the world, and their future directions. With a diversity of styles and forms of texts, this book is addressed to all those teachers and researchers who would like to be introduced or would like to go deeper into the types of insights that critical mathematics education offers.

ISBN: 9789460911620


  • Paola Valero

    Paola Valero obtuvo títulos de pregrado en Lenguas Modernas y Ciencia Política en la Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Es doctora en Educación Matemática de la Universidad de Aalborg, Dinamarca. Ha enseñado e investigado en estas instituciones universitarias. Su investigación explora los cruces entre la racionalidad matemática y científica, la educación en matemáticas y ciencia, y la sociedad. Mediante estudios teóricos y empíricos de los procesos pedagógicos, su investigación contribuye a comprender cómo la educación en matemáticas se ha convertido en un elemento central de los procesos de inclusión y exclusión política, cultural y económica de diversas poblaciones en la sociedad moderna. Sus investigaciones son pertinentes para los profesores y los encargados de la formulación de políticas. En la actualidad, labora en la Universidad de Estocolmo en Suecia.

  • H. Alrø
  • O. Ravn

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